In-Licensing of Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing of Generic Medicines

In-licensing of pharmaceuticals for manufacturing or for commercialization in a given territory of Europe, or both, takes away a large part of the risks associated with the return on investment in cost containment process under way. Mitigating the hazards associated with the safety profiles of truly innovative drugs is another important intention of licensors in entrusting health communication services to the regional champions.

Licensing is a corporate partnership, attracting growing attention in allowing both licensors and licensees to share professional intentions, risk and better focus over their respective core expertise. Most beneficial redeployment of resources and reliable planning are among the chief arguments in favor of licensing contracts. Their formation and requisites vary widely in accordance with particular purpose, product, therapeutically defined area, territory, forecast and duration.

Big Pharma and Biotech deliver sales growth in various markets today by progressively larger employment of licensing as a crucial module of doing business. CL Sourcing Co AG is at the forefront with its efficient and versatile capabilities and proven track record. CLS created an open and innovative business model to help partners to report sustainable sales growth by managing in-licensing deals and executing post-marketing monitoring.

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